Dental Fillings
Restoring Teeth and Preventing Further Decay

Dental fillings are a common dental procedure used to repair teeth that have been affected by decay or minor damage. The purpose of a dental filling is to restore the tooth's structure, prevent further decay, and provide functionality for biting and chewing. This article provides an overview of dental fillings, including their types, procedure, benefits, and aftercare.

  • Several types of dental fillings are available, depending on factors like decay extent, location, aesthetics, and budget. Common materials include amalgam (metal mixture), composite resin (tooth-colored), ceramic (porcelain), glass ionomer (acrylic-glass mix), and gold fillings. Each has its advantages and best-use scenarios.

  • The dental filling procedure involves numbing the area, removing decay, cleaning, placing the filling material, curing (for composite resin), and polishing and adjusting. Fillings restore tooth structure, prevent further decay, and provide improved aesthetics while preserving natural teeth.

  • Dental fillings play a vital role in dental care, addressing cavities and damaged teeth effectively. Regular dental check-ups help detect decay early, enabling timely interventions with appropriate filling materials. Properly cared for fillings can last for years, maintaining oral health and aesthetics.

  • Patients should discuss their preferences and concerns with their dentists to make informed decisions about the best filling option for their specific needs. Dental professionals work closely with patients to ensure a positive and comfortable experience, restoring their smiles and promoting long-term dental health.

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